California is at the epicenter for earthquake activity similar to Japan and China. Properly installed seismic gas shutoff valves will reduce the occurrences of fires stemming from moderate and severe earthquakes and thereby reduce the risk to health, safety, and welfare caused by such earthquakes. California has recently expanded building regulations to retrofit all homes and businesses for earthquake gas shut- off valves which must be installed.

The Patented and Patent Pending invention allows commercial businesses, the pipeline industry, oil wells and gas wells and supply gas station pumps and lines, city municipalities water tanks above and below ground, residential and commercial to shut off water, gas, electrical valves and electrical breakers automatically after or by receiving a seismic alert from the governments (WEA) EARLY WARNING ALERT in conjunction with the USGS (United States Geological Services “Seismic Warning Signal”). USGS Hypocenter detection of underground earthquake SIGNAL sent to WEA early warning alert before it reaches the epicenter at ground level to activate sensors to shut off utilities.

Multiple applications for the seismic chip sensor and valve utilizing the USGS WEA systems for shutting off utilities and safety may be implemented in the installation of oil, gas, or water pipelines in California and other U.S seismic active states, along with other seismic active countries like Japan, China Italy, and Greece to name a few.

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